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1) Can I Give You A Logo In png/jpg/Bmp Image Format to Place It In Updater?




2) Can I see the Progress Of the Updater Build process?


No Actually I will send You Print screen Photos How It look Wen I finish some
part of it To tell me if you like it Or If you want to change
Something that you dont like


3) How fast will this work Will be done?


Very fast actually If i dont have Other work to be done, Usually 2days (for Updater)
Or one month (for website) because i Love to work in detail!


4) How the payments Work?


When you see the print screen photos of the updater and deside that is ready
You First send me payment on my paypal Nd when I confirm It I send you the
Download Link Of the Files you ordered!


5) What are your payment methods?


Paypal Only (For Greece I can also accept Transactions Throught Bank Account)


6) Are your Launchers Only for Lineage2?


No! It is for every game that uses Files from server to client!


7) Does your Launcher/updater compatible with any Version of  Windows?


Yes! it is compatible with all versions of windows Xp, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10


8) How much Heavy Is your Launcher?


I Use standart And Tested analisis Pixel dpi resolution
so the updater wont be “heavy” For the computers and run smoothly
even in old and low graphic computers and thats the art of it!


9) Is there a bandwith or General Limit?


No there is no limit about anything and that includes storage, bandwitht
and download speed (could be really high) That depends on your host!



If you think i can add something more here please make your suggestion