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Forum Rules

1 year 8 months ago #1 by Administrator
Forum Rules was created by Administrator
Posting rules
Spamming is not allowed
One word replies, multiple posting, post hunting is not allowed.
Offtopic, Flame posts , bad behaviour will not be tolerated
Bad behaviour, flaming trolling, fighting, racism, drama, threatening others, talking about police, goverment, lawyers etc, are not allowed at all.
Sexual, porno, insulting, warez, are not allowed
No other language than English.
All members have the right to own a copyright of their work.
All oversized signatures will be deleted by administrator.
Our forum rules may change without any warning so check at least once per month this topic!
Remember , If you don't like our forum, or our rules, or our staff you should leave now.
The topic has been locked.
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